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Journal of Nuclear Cardiology (JNC) Classic Articles

Pharmacologic stress testing: New methods and new agents
Robert C. Hendel, MD, Tariq Jamil, MD, David K. Glover, ME
J Nucl Cardiol 2003;10:197-204.
In this 2003 review, current experience with available stress agents and imaging protocols are described. The ability to perform pharmacologic stress myocardial perfusion imaging has extended stress testing to patients unable to perform maximal exercise. Protocols have evolved and regadenoson is now available for clinical use, but this review provides information on how the field has advanced and contributed to the growth of nuclear cardiology.  Today, more than 50% of myocardial perfusion imaging studies are performed using pharmacologic stress helping to appropriately and effectively manage patients with known or suspected coronary disease who cannot adequately exercise.  

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