Appropriate Use Criteria

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Appropriate Use Criteria

Statements that denote when it is appropriate to perform a medical service or procedure, with the expectation that the benefits of such a service or procedure significantly outweigh the potential risks.

Video Roundtable Discussion

Appropriate Use of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in Women
This is an online video discussion focused on choosing the appropriate diagnostic cardiac imaging test in women, discusses details on how to differentiate  symptoms of ischemic heart disease in women versus men, applying appropriate use criteria and imaging guidelines for nuclear cardiology studies

Appropriate Use Poster

Management and Testing of Ischemic Heart Disease:
Developed by Dr. David Winchester and edited by Dr. Andria Medina this poster provides an easy-to-use reference on the Appropriate Use Criteria in the management and testing of ischemic heart disease.

Download the 11”x17” poster.

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