ASNC President Highlights Optimism as a Strategy for Overcoming Adversity

If you train yourself to focus on the positive, you'll be more attuned to opportunities and more willing to take risks, said Sharmila Dorbala, MD, MPH, FASNC, on an American College of Cardiology #WomenInCardiology webinar last week. 

The program featured 12 women who are serving as leaders in cardiovascular societies, each offering a strategy for overcoming adversity and thriving. Dr. Dorbala highlighted the effects of optimism in her own career and in ASNC's growth over the past 25+ years.

The takeaways from her presentation, she said, are "optimism and integrity to do what is right,"  focusing on excellence, and taking risks.

"Finally," she said, "surround yourself with people who share your interests and your vision. I found many of my people through ASNC, and I know many of you will too."