ASNC Remembers: A Tribute to Mr. William Nelligan

ASNC joins the cardiovascular community in grieving the passing of William D. Nelligan, III. In 1994, Mr. Nelligan became ASNC's second executive director after nearly three decades at the helm of the American College of Cardiology.
Mr. Nelligan's leadership—as recorded in ASNC's historical accounts and remembered by the many physicians and staff who had the pleasure of working with him—“transformed the fledgling ASNC in a short time from an amateurish volunteer group to a truly professional organization.” Mr. Nelligan was one of the first recipients of ASNC's highest and most prestigious designation, Master of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (MASNC). 

“Bill was a wonderful person and a generous mentor to so many of us,” remembers ASNC CEO Kathleen B. Flood. “Much of ASNC's success over the past 25 years can be traced back to the foundation that he helped build. I am among many who are proud to be part of his legacy.” 

Mr. Nelligan died on July 23 at age 92. He is survived by his wife Dorothy, three sons, seven grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, his large extended family and many friends. 

For more information about Mr. Nelligan's remarkable life and the memorial service honoring him, see The Washington Post