ALERT: Mo-99 / Tc-99m Supply Disruptions Possible

On October 28, the Nuclear Medicine Europe Emergency Response Team issued a statement about mechanical issues with the BR2 reactor in Belgium and possible Mo-99 supply disruptions through mid- to late-November. 
ASNC has connected with radiopharmaceutical manufacturers to assess their ability to meet the Mo-99 / Tc-99m needs of nuclear cardiology laboratories. Some suppliers have indicated they expect to be able to meet the needs of their regular customers and fulfill some additional demand. Other suppliers have warned that disruptions are likely. 

What Should You Do? 
ASNC recommends nuclear cardiology laboratories take the following steps: 
  1. Confirm with your supplier if there will be an interruption in Tc-99m supply.
  2. If so, reschedule patients who are high priority to have their imaging test prior to the supply interruption.
  3. Reschedule less urgent patients to a later date after the Tc-99m supply is expected to be restored.
  4. If necessary, consider alternative testing options based on the principles of PatientFirst Imaging. 

ASNC will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed. Contact us anytime at