ASNC Warns CMS: Proposed Fee Cuts 'Threaten the Financial Viability of Physician Practices'

In comments submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), ASNC told the agency the fee cuts in the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) proposed rule "threaten the financial viability of physician practices as well as physician morale."
ASNC urged CMS to –
  • Work with Congress to prevent cuts to the Medicare conversion factor, and
  • Provide an inflationary update to physician payments.
ASNC noted the cuts would come when physicians are also facing other hardships, such as the zero percent update to the MPFS and cuts due to sequestration. ASNC also expressed support for CMS's decision to not implement the proposed update to the Medicare Economic Index, as it would result in significant redistribution within physician payments. 

ASNC Supports Plan to 'Indefinitely Delay' AUC Program Penalty Phase
ASNC also noted appreciation for action CMS took in July to indefinitely delay the penalty phase of the Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) Program for advanced diagnostic imaging. ASNC reiterated its concerns about the AUC Mandate, noting "ASNC looks forward" to CMS's report to Congress on challenges and successes associated with implementation of the AUC Mandate.  
What Happens Next? In November, CMS will release the 2023 MPFS final rule, which will determine 2023 Medicare policy. Stay tuned to ASNC for analysis of the final rule as well as all policies that affect nuclear cardiology practice. We are working for you.