Leader Letter: ASNC President Shares Update on Efforts to Protect Cardiac PET

In a letter to ASNC members sent Oct. 1, ASNC President Rob Beanlands, MD, MASNC, thanked the hundreds of ASNC members who have joined “the fight to project cardiac PET by answering ASNC's ‘calls to action.'” He also described ASNC's ongoing efforts to ensure fair and accurate Medicare payments for cardiac PET. Led by Randy Thompson, MD, FASNC, Bill VanDecker, MD, FASNC, and David Wolinsky, MD, MASNC, this defense has included a collaborative effort with other groups, including the American College of Cardiology, American College of Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology Advocacy Alliance, and the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, as well as specific recommendations from ASNC.
What happens now? As Dr. Beanlands explained, CMS has closed its comment period and now will consider all of the feedback it received. The Final Rule, expected around Nov. 1, will reveal the impact of ASNC's vigorous effort and will inform next steps.

Read Dr. Beanlands' full letter.