ASNC Congratulates Dr. Erick Alexanderson

Dr. AlexandersonDr. Erick Alexanderson, an ASNC member since its inception in 1993, recently ascended as the President of the Mexican Society of Cardiology, 2016-2018. As a long time member, Dr. Alexanderson has shown his commitment to the field of nuclear cardiology.  In 2013, he was selected to be a member of ASNC's International Advisory Panel and his promotion of ASNC to physicians in Latin America has been important to the growth of the International Developing Country membership program.   He is also Chair of the ASNC2016 International Sessions and he is on the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology Editorial Board. In addition, he is a Program Committee Chair of the World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health that will take place June 4-7, 2016 in Mexico City.  
As the new president of the Mexican Society of Cardiology, Dr. Alexanderson has outlined some of his goals and discusses the challenges that Mexico has in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. 

Mexico Society of Cardiology"As the president of the Mexican Society of Cardiology, my challenge and main goal will be to organize high-level scientific and academic sessions, that aim to educate not only cardiologists but also internists and general practitioners, so that we can all work together to decrease the incidence of cardiovascular risk factors and diseases...this opportunity is a great honor for me, and I am aware that it requires a great sense of responsibility and commitment"