Upbeat Cardiology Solutions


With the speed of a competitive market and patient awareness of radiation exposure Cardiac Nuclear Stress Labs are coming under pressure to update and be patient-focused. With Cardiac PET/CT we not only answer the concern of reduced radiation exposure but improve patient outcomes and treatment plans with increased sensitivity and coronary flow reserve evaluations. This allows your cardiologist to make an informed decision for treatment plans on a much more accurate trajectory when compared to SPECT-only imaging. 
PET/CT allows for calcium scoring, perfusion evaluation, and microvessel evaluation while reducing radiation exposure and patient time in the office. Upbeat Cardiology Solutions allows private practice and vhospital-based offices to offer this advanced imaging to patients with lower investment, streamlined state applications, and state licensing. Our multipoint process allows for the fastest start to testing patients in the business. So let’s give your patients the advantage they deserve today. 
Our experience in cardiac SPECT makes us an industry leader in the management of current nuclear stress labs. We offer not only tried and true benefits to existing labs but have a cost savings model from staffing to supply management and radiation safety programs that are cost-effective for labs small to the largest across the nation. Reach out today to learn about how we can save your existing lab today and help you grow to the next level.