Radiation Safety Review for Technologists


Introducing the new "Radiation Safety Review for Technologists" a comprehensive and self-paced OnDemand course.


Refresh your knowledge of radiation, radiation protection, and radiation safety regulatory requirements with our new Radiation Safety Review for Technologists course. Tailored for nuclear medicine technologists but invaluable for anyone wanting an update in these areas, the activity features 44 modules that can be self-selected for a maximum of 28 CE credits. The review emphasizes practical applications and an in-depth understanding of the principles that affect your day-to-day practice of cardiovascular nuclear medicine. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your expertise, enhance patient safety, and advance your professional development. Enroll today and unlock a wealth of knowledge in the vital area of radiation and radiation safety. 

This course has been recognized by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board* (NMTCB) as appropriate for technologists preparing for examinations that require general knowledge of radiation and radiation safety.

The deadline to meet eligibility for the NMTCB 2024 Radiation Safety Certification Examination is July 1.


Member Price
Physician/Scientist (U.S. and Canada) $299
Physician/Scientist (International) $259
Technologists, Non-Physicians, Emerging Markets, Trainees $199


Non-Member Price
Physicians $399
Technologists, Non-Physicians, Emerging Markets, Trainees $299


The course features 44 modules that can be self-selected for a maximum of 28 CE credits.

Course Outline

Section 1 | Radiation: Forms, Interactions with Matter, and Units of Measurement

  • Radiation Safety 1.1: Forms of Radiation, Instability of Atoms Pt 1
  • Radiation Safety 1.2: Forms of Radiation, Instability of Atoms Pt 2
  • Radiation Safety 1.3: Photon Interactions with Matter
  • Radiation Safety 1.4: Charged Particle Interactions with Matter
  • Radiation Safety 1.5: Non-Ionizing Radiation
  • Radiation Safety 1.6: Activity: Curie, Becquerel
  • Radiation Safety 1.7: Radiation Absorbed Dose
  • Radiation Safety 1.8: Radiation Units: Additional Concepts

Section 2 | Radiation Protection and Safe Radioisotope Handling

  • Radiation Safety 2.1: Dose Calibrators
  • Radiation Safety 2.2: Well Counters
  • Radiation Safety 2.3: Survey Meters
  • Radiation Safety 2.4: Personal Badge Dosimetry, Part 1
  • Radiation Safety 2.5: Personal Badge Dosimetry, Part 2
  • Radiation Safety 2.6: Radioactive Waste Management
  • Radiation Safety 2.7: Introduction to Shielding
  • Radiation Safety 2.8: Facility Shielding Design
  • Radiation Safety 2.9: PET Generator Safety

Section 3 | Radiation Biology

  • Radiation Safety 3.1: Radiation Biology Overview
  • Radiation Safety 3.2: Introduction to Radiation Injury and Cellular Damage
  • Radiation Safety 3.3: Radiation, Cell and Organ Responses, Part 1
  • Radiation Safety 3.4: Radiation and Organ Responses, Part 2
  • Radiation Safety 3.5: Background Radiation and Radon
  • Radiation Safety 3.6: Stochastic Effects, Deterministic Effects and Risk Models, Part 1
  • Radiation Safety 3.7: Risks, Risk Models, Part 2 and Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Radiation Safety 3.8: Exposure Limits, ALARA and Protected Populations

Section 4 | Nuclear Medicine Mathematics and Statistics

  • Radiation Safety 4.1: Measuring Radioactivity: Decay Factors & Specific Activity
  • Radiation Safety 4.2: Measuring Radioactivity: Converting Activity to Dose
  • Radiation Safety 4.3: Measuring Radioactivity: Tools for Measuring Radioactivity
  • Radiation Safety 4.4: Shielding Calculations: Gamma-Ray Shielding
  • Radiation Safety 4.5: Shielding Calculations: X-Ray Shielding
  • Radiation Safety 4.6: Mathematics of Imaging: Advanced Techniques
  • Radiation Safety 4.7: Mathematics of Imaging: Assessing Image Quality
  • Radiation Safety 4.8: Mathematics of Radioactivity: Accuracy, Sensitivity & Specificity
  • Radiation Safety 4.9: Mathematics of Radioactivity: Fundamentals of Biostatistical Measurement and Analysis

Section 5 | Radiation Safety Regulatory Requirements

  • Radiation Safety 5.1: Training and Regulatory Bodies
  • Radiation Safety 5.2: Definition and Role of the Authorized User
  • Radiation Safety 5.3: AU Responsibilities to the General Public and Staff
  • Radiation Safety 5.4: Authorized User Responsibilities to Patients
  • Radiation Safety 5.5: Clinical Responsibilities of Authorized Users
  • Radiation Safety 5.6: Radiation Safety: Administrative Responsibilities
  • Radiation Safety 5.7: Radiation and Radiation Safety: Regulations and Best Practices, Pt 1
  • Radiation Safety 5.8: Radiation and Radiation Safety: Regulations and Best Practices, Pt 2
  • Radiation Safety 5.9: Working with a Commercial Hot Lab, Part 1
  • Radiation Safety 5.10: Working with a Commercial Hot Lab, Part 2