Non-Physician Membership

The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) supports professionals actively involved in every aspect of the nuclear cardiology industry. Professionals in a non-physician role including nurses, scientists, physician assistants, industry representatives and practice administrators are invited to the ASNC Community. Join ASNC.
Industry Members 

Physicians, Scientists and technologists who are actively engaged as an industry 
representative in the field of
nuclear medicine.

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Associate Members 

Professionals who, although they are not physicians or holders of advanced degrees, have a general interest in the goals of ASNC and are actively involved in a nuclear cardiology practice or research.

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Practice Administrator Members

Professionals who, although they are not physicians, are actively engaged in the supervision or management of facilities performing cardiovascular nuclear procedures.

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Technologist Members
ASNC welcomes technologists who are actively engaged in the performance of nuclear cardiology and/or nuclear medicine to the ASNC Community.

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Individuals who are current ASNC members, have been a member for at least five (5) years, on retirement or have reached the age of seventy (70) are eligible to apply for Emeritus Member status. Such status permits the waiver of annual member dues. 
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