Nuclear Cardiology Around the World: A PatientFirst Approach—Europe

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“Nuclear Cardiology Around the World: A PatientFirst Approach,” focuses on what can be learned from the European approach to common clinical problems seen in nuclear cardiology laboratories around the world.

Session Overview:

The webinar features four case presentations including infection, inflammation, amyloidosis and microvascular disease, and address the role of hybrid imaging to enhance diagnosis.

Through an interactive, case-based discussion, dive into daily practice through real-world examples of how nuclear cardiology contributes to clinical decision-making in Europe. Nuclear cardiologists, either from cardiology or nuclear medicine, and the “users” of nuclear cardiology techniques, including cardiologists, internists, and general practitioners, should tune in. 



Program Co-Chairs
Maria João Ferreira, MD, PhD
Leon Menezes, BA, BM BCh

Panelists and Presenters

Nathan Better, MBBS, MASNC - Panelist
Alessia Gimelli, MD
Fabien Hyafil, MD, PhD
Amelia Jimenez-Heffernan, MD, PhD, FASNC
Philipp Kaufmann, MD
Felix Keng, MBBS, MASNC - Panelist
Elisa Milan, MBBS
João Vitola, MD, PhD, MASNC - Panelist

Case Information and Learning Objectives

Case 1: Infection and Inflammation
Presenter: Maria João Ferreira, MD, PhD
Discussant: Fabien Hyafil, MD, PhD
Learning Objective: Recognize the application of nuclear cardiology in diagnosing cardiac infection and inflammation.
Case 2: Hybrid Imaging
Presenter: Fabien Hyafil, MD, PhD
Discussant: Philipp Kaufmann, MD
Learning Objective: Describe the integration of CT into SPECT/PET and the added value of attenuation correction, calcium scoring, and contrast CT angiography.
Case 3: Amyloidosis
Presenter: Elisa Milan, MBBS 
Discussant: Amelia Jimenez-Heffernan, MD, PhD, FASNC
Learning Objective: Recognize the role of nuclear cardiology in early detection and accurate diagnosis of cardiac amyloidosis.
Case 4: Microvascular Disease
Presenter: Leon Menezes, BA, BM BCh 
Discussant: Alessia Gimelli, MD
Learning Objective: Discuss the role of nuclear cardiology in diagnosing and managing microvascular disease.

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