Nuclear Cardiology Around the World: A PatientFirst Approach

Join leading experts for the second stop in the complimentary webinar series “Nuclear Cardiology Around the World: A PatientFirst Approach.” This 75-minute case-based webinar will share the Latin American approach to common clinical problems seen in nuclear cardiology laboratories around the world in an interactive format with learning points and Q&A.
The presentations and slides are in English.

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Cases cover:
1. Future opportunities and challenges for using nuclear cardiology in evaluating patients with suspected amyloidosis, coronary artery disease, and in evaluating heart failure of ischemic etiology in patients with advanced coronary artery disease.
2. The role of nuclear cardiology in a multimodality era to evaluate CAD detected by CCTA, guide management, and serve as a gatekeeper to the cath lab.
3. Perspectives on an aging population and other factors impacting rising heart failure cases in Latin America.
4. The role of PET/CT in evaluating patients with suspected infection/sarcoidosis.

Program Moderators

Nathan Better, MBBS, MASNC

João Vitola, MD, PhD, MASNC


Erick Alexanderson, MD

Roxana Campisi, MD, FASNC

Gabriel Grossman, MD, PhD, FASNC

Amalia Peix Gonzalez, MD, PhD, FASNC

Lucas Gutierrez, MD

Rafael Lopes, MD, PhD, FASNC

Teresa Massardo, MD

Fernando Mut, MD, FASNC