ASNC Interview Series

This video series explores the latest topics in nuclear cardiology through conversations with leaders in the field.

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Watch Episode 14

Sarcoid Best Practices: Patient Prep; Processing; Reading

Watch Episode 13

Six Burning Questions for the Nuclear Cardiology Tech in the Lab

Watch Episode 12

Expanding Applications of Cardiac PET Beyond Perfusion Assessment: Its Role in Cardiac Device Infections


Watch Episode 11

Modernization of the Nuclear Cardiology Lab Now and Into the Future

Watch Episode 10

The Value of Molecular Imaging for the Practicing Cardiologist

Watch Episode 9

Expanding our Diagnostic Capabilities with CZT SPECT

Watch Episode 8, Part 2

The Role of Myocardial Viability Imaging in Clinical Practice, Part 2

Watch Episode 8, Part 1

The Role of Myocardial Viability Imaging in Clinical Practice, Part 1

Watch Episode #7

Interpreting a PYP study for TTR cardiac amyloid

Watch Episode #6

Microvascular Disease in Women

Watch Episode #5

Systematic Interpretation of a PET stress study: Nuts and bolts

Watch Episode #4

Important points to remember when assessing coronary flow reserve on PET Imaging

Watch Episode #3

Common Artifacts in SPECT: How to Recognize

Watch Episode #2

Systematic Interpretation of a SPECT Myocardial Perfusion Study

Watch Episode #1

A short conversation: How nuclear cardiology has changed and its real-world utility

Series Overview

The ASNC Interview Series seeks to share insights into current topics relevant to nuclear cardiology through 15-20 minute discussions between nuclear cardiology luminaries and ASNC members. 

The interviews cover a range of important topics, some of which address subjects at a basic level while others tackle more advanced themes. Nuclear cardiologists from all areas and levels of practice will find useful information from each of these short, high-yield interviews. 

Stay tuned for more episodes!

*CME is not offered for this series.