Clinical Guidelines and Quality Standards Documents

ASNC is committed to documenting and providing evidence-based standards for the field of nuclear cardiology and cardiovascular CT. ASNC served as the author or co-author on each of the clinical guidelines and position statements listed below. The date shown with each guideline or statement reflects the most recent date of approval or endorsement. Clinical guidelines that pertain to our educational activities are also listed below. 

Clinical documents related to nuclear cardiology training (such as COCATS) 

Imaging Guidelines for Nuclear Cardiology Procedures

Relevant protocols developed through evidence- or consensus-based standards for the field of Nuclear Cardiology. Introduction

Appropriate Use Criteria

Statements that denote when it is appropriate to perform a medical service or procedure, with the expectation that the benefits of such a service or procedure significantly outweigh the potential risks

Preferred Practice Statements

A set of predominantly forward-looking statements focusing on the goals of Nuclear Cardiology Imaging

Information Statements

Educational tools comprised of systematic reviews of clinical concepts and scientific evidence that serve as a resource to advise clinicians

Position Statements

A set of statements that serve as an expression of ASNC’s stance on specific practice, policy, or professional issues

Other ASNC Documents

Other Clinical Guidelines

Joint Society Statements 

Public statements on issues within the field of Cardiology that are supported by multiple professional societies and experts

Archived Documents