Event Calendar

Wednesday, January 1, 2025

80 Hour Course for Training Programs

Start Date: 1/1/2023 6:00 AM EST
End Date: 1/1/2025 11:30 PM EST

Organization Name: ASNC

Email: info@asnc.org
Phone: (703) 459-2555

Training Programs may now purchase the 80 Hour Authorized User Training Course for their trainees.
If you are currently logged into an ASNC member or non-member account, please log out before continuing with the registration. 

**PROGRAM COORDINATORS, Please follow the steps below to enroll your trainees.**

STEP 1: BEGIN REGISTRATION and select the number of participants in your training program from the dropdown menu at the top of the My Information tab

STEP 2: Fill in the fields in the My Information tab.
Please complete with your contact information as the Program Coordinator. Then click on the Responses tab to continue with the registration.

STEP 3: Complete the rest of the registration form.
*Please note: When you register online, a credit card payment will be required. If you would like to purchase the 80 Hour Course and pay by check, contact ASNC at info@asnc.org to request an invoice.

STEP 4: Assist your trainees with creating a free ASNC membership account.
Send trainees to www.asnc.org/assoc_subscribe.asp to complete an application for trainee membership. 

STEP 5: Submit Your Trainees' Information
Using this spreadsheet (also found on the Responses tab) add your trainees to the document and click the agreement box. Send your spreadsheet to info@asnc.org. Trainee information will be used to create logins to access the 80 Hour Course.