ASNC Announces 2016 QCDR Designation for ImageGuide Registry

The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) is pleased to announce that CMS has recognized ASNC’s ImageGuide Registry as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for 2016. The designation as a QCDR allows physicians the opportunity to meet the requirements of the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) by reporting on quality measures developed by and for nuclear cardiologists. Negative payment adjustments under PQRS are expected to increase with the implementation of the MIPS program in 2019.

“For the participating physicians, the ImageGuide Registry will allow tracking of quality data for PQRS reporting and other required quality programs,” says Peter L. Tilkemeier, MD, Chair of the Registry Oversight Committee. “Participation in the Registry facilitates quality improvement for providers and practices, who will gain access to standardized data that can demonstrate the value of nuclear imaging tests to payers and stakeholders.”

In both 2015 and 2016 ASNC self-nominated the ImageGuide Registry to become a QCDR. The registry is designed to support nuclear cardiology laboratories, interpreting physicians, and technologists, and fosters continuous quality improvement initiatives in the field of nuclear cardiology. As the first national registry for non-invasive cardiac imaging, the ImageGuide Registry improves laboratory efficiency, optimizes patient radiation exposure, minimizes downstream costs, and improves patient care. Participants can measure, benchmark, and analyze performance in cardiovascular imaging to achieve quality improvement at the provider and laboratory level, while driving broader adherence to best practices.
By participating in the ImageGuide Registry, ASNC anticipates that laboratories will be not only be able to satisfy Medicare regulatory requirements, but also those of other third party payers down the line – thereby maximizing reimbursement. Moreover, the registry enables users to demonstrate adherence to appropriate use criteria, an increasingly important mandate of healthcare policy.

“The ImageGuide Registry comprehensively addresses the entire imaging process from indications and appropriateness, type of study performed and radiation dosimetry, to reporting results and compliance with major quality indicators.” says Peter L. Tilkemeier, MD, Chair of the Registry Oversight Committee. “The ImageGuide Registry informs the field on the current practice and tools we need to develop to assure nuclear cardiology remains a leader in the development of efficient and effective imaging in a value-based reimbursement system.”

"As reimbursement and payment models shift from volume to value, demonstrating quality for the procedures we perform will become ever more important.” says ASNC president, Brian Abbott, MD, “ASNC 's ImageGuide Registry is designed to track appropriateness, quality, and adherence to published guidelines. The performance measures in the Registry provide valuable feedback for laboratories and physicians while also meeting the quality metrics required for value-based payment, which represents a significant value to all ASNC members and Registry participants.”

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