Imaging Groups Release Radiation Safety Action Plan

March 22, 2012

ASNC joined seven other organizations to develop goals and work toward developing an action plan designed to enhanced patient safety and appropriate radiation dosing. ASNC past-president Dr. Manuel Cerqueira served on the writing committee in addition to attending a February 2011 Think Tank meeting with ASNC members Drs. Tim Bateman and Andrew Einstein. As part of the conference report from the think tank, the following four areas were outlined as critical and needing strategies for action:

  1. Quantifying the estimated stochastic risks of low dose radiation associated with cardiovascular imaging and therapeutic procedures
  2. Measuring and reporting radiation dose in cardiovascular imaging and procedures
  3. Minimizing radiation dose for single episodes of care and across entire systems of care
  4. Educating and communicating with multiple groups to increase awareness and achieve goals in minimizing exposure
ASNC is co-publishing the conference report in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology and an online version of the report is available here.