Dr. James A. Arrighi Named as ASNC President in 2013

BETHESDA, MD -- December 18, 2012 -- Dr. James A. Arrighi, Director of Nuclear Cardiology at Rhode Island Hospital and Program Director of the Fellowship in Cardiology at Brown Medical School, assumes the presidency of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) on January 1, 2013. Given that ASNC celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013, Dr. Arrighi plans to reflect upon the society's rich history while crafting the path forward for the field.

Speaking about ASNC, Arrighi noted that, "It is a society that was formed and initially led by a succession of talented individuals who were true innovators, leaders and visionaries." Though much has changed in medicine and nuclear cardiology since ASNC was established in 1983, "research and innovation remain the foundation of a vibrant field," asserts Arrighi. This notion rings particularly true this year as ASNC develops and possibly launches a nuclear cardiology registry.

In fact, according to Arrighi, "ASNC's development of a nuclear cardiology imaging registry represents the next step forward in promoting high quality imaging, and placing patients first." At ASNC, patient-centered imaging remains the primary focus. During his presidency, Arrighi recognizes that ASNC "must serve the public interest" and in doing so, will best serve the medical community.

Under Arrighi's leadership, the Society will continue to promote Appropriate Use Criteria, develop patient-centered imaging guidelines, establish and promote optimal radiation dosages, and develop key educational products that address life-long learning and knowledge gaps in the imaging community. Arrighi will continue to promote ASNC's Excellence in Imaging Campaign for 2013, collaborative educational and research efforts between imaging modalities, and new joint sessions with international medical societies.

Dr. Arrighi, a longstanding member of ASNC, has been a Fellow of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology since 2006 and has served on the Board of Directors, numerous committees, the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology editorial board, and the Executive Council. It is with great pleasure that we announce his role as ASNC's President for 2013, during the Society's 20th anniversary year!

About the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
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