Obesity Action

ASNC Joins the Obesity Action Coalition to Raise Awareness that Obesity is a Serious Medical Condition

ASNC, as part of a group of 45 organizations standing with the Obesity Action Coalition, encouraged people to contact their legislators to address weight, specifically obesity, as a matter of health. Excess weight is a contributing factor to a number of health issues and more than 93 million Americans are currently affected by obesity, with that number expected to rise over time. ASNC supports the Coalition's efforts to treat obesity with the respect, urgency, and action it deserves.

To contact your legislator, visit the OAC Legislative Action center at www.obesityaction.org/takeaction. Please ask Congress to address weight as a matter of health. Hypertension, heart disease, and vascular disease are all associated with obesity. The OAC maintains that care should not be seen as having the goal of reducing body weight, but should additionally be focused on improving overall health and quality of life.