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Why should nuclear labs participate in the ImageGuide Registry?
Analyze Performance: Demonstrate Value
It is essential that medical professionals partake in quality improvement initiatives to advance clinical practice, enhance patient care, and justify services to payers and policymakers.  The ImageGuide Registry provides a standardized means of collecting data related to SPECT and PET cardiac imaging studies, which is integral to providing the ability to analyze performance on a meaningful level.   

Keep up with Regulatory Requirements
In addition to improving practice, this valuable information, in conjunction with the nomination of ImageGuide to become a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), will help physicians successfully fulfill regulatory requirements such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), formerly Quality Reporting System (PQRS).  The designation as a QCDR allows ASNC to develop its own performance measures that capture a greater level of granularity and are more meaningful to the profession than traditional MIPS measures.
Contribute to Healthcare Reform
It is imperative that the nuclear cardiology profession take ownership of how its providers are being measured to ensure that the quality improvement initiatives performed are meaningful to the profession. Contributing to the registry will help providers proactively contribute to healthcare reform while improving performance at the individual and institutional levels.

Enroll in ImageGuide today to:
  • Gain access to benchmark reports and standardized performance data
  • Enhance patient care and improve lab efficiency
  • Successfully participate in regulatory programs and avoid negative payment adjustments on Medicare Part B services
  • Report on nuclear cardiology-specific performance measures under MIPS
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of nuclear imaging tests to payers
Enrollment Process
Step 1: Create a username and password in the online portal
Save with a current ASNC membership. Participants must create a separate login to begin enrollment, the ASNC login credentials will not grant access to the portal.


Step 2: Complete online enrollment
Providers interested in participating should discuss with their practice administrator to enroll at the institutional level.  All pertinent information for the institution, legal contacts, participating providers, data submission method, and MIPS election must be provided. 
List of required information

Step 3: Execute participation agreement
The ImageGuide participation agreement can either be signed directly in the sign-up portal or sent to the executing party via email.

Step 4: Onboarding 
Site managers will be contacted to finalize their data submission method and will be provided with onboarding and training resources.
ImageGuide Annual Participation Fees
Year ASNC Member Non-ASNC Member
2017 Free* $750/Physician
2016 $500/Physician* $750/Physician
 *ImageGuide participation is free to ASNC members for a limited time only!

Data Submission Methods

ASNC Certified Reporting Vendors

ASNC has partnered with three reporting vendors, INVIA , Cedars-Sinai, and Syntermed, to collect and submit all required data elements to the registry.  If your site currently utilizes ImageGuide supported software, please contact your reporting vendor for more information following ImageGuide enrollment.      
Vendor Software Version Website Certification Status
Syntermed Emory Toolbox v.4 with SmartReport http://www.syntermed.com/#!imageguide-registry/c6ij 2016 ImageGuide Certified
Cedars-Sinai Cardiac Suite v2015.6 or higher http://www.csaim.com/  2016 ImageGuide Certified
INVIA 4DM (Personal) v2016.0.0.176 or higher http://www.inviasolutions.com/ 2016 ImageGuide Certified

Web-based Data Collection Tool

ImageGuide has developed a data collection tool for institutions to enter imaging study data directly into the registry. ASNC estimates each imaging study will take approximately 2-3 minutes to enter into the web, and staff/support personnel may be able to assist with data entry.

Systems Integrator
It may be possible to automatically extract and submit data from your EHR/EMR/Imaging System to the registry with assistance from FigMD. To see if you qualify for this data submission method, please complete our technology questionnaire and return to imageguide@asnc.org

If you have any questions about the ImageGuide enrollment process, or would like a consultation on which data submission method is best suited for your institution, please email ImageGuide@asnc.org.