Advocacy News: NRC Releases Proposed Rule on Rubidium-82 Generators and Emerging Technologies

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) released a proposed rule requesting feedback from stakeholders on adding requirements for calibration and dosage measurement for strontium-82/rubidium-82 generators and establishing performance-based requirements for existing and future emerging medical technologies. 
The NRC also is considering requiring additional training for all generator systems and is asking for feedback on whether device-specific training should be required for authorized users or current requirements are sufficient.

Finally, the NRC is considering changes to training and education requirements, inviting input on whether continuing education should be required for authorized users due to the number of emerging medical technologies.

Comments on the proposed rule are due Oct. 31, 2023. ASNC is convening a working group to provide robust comments to the NRC. Stay tuned to ASNC for updates.