Advocacy Win: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Corrects PET/CT MPI Codes Omission

ASNC vigilance paid off last month when Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida corrected an error that would have resulted in PET/CT tests not being reimbursed in the state.

What Happened? 
In May, members let ASNC know that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida had released a new policy without PET/CT myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) codes. This omission would mean that only scans performed on a PET standalone camera would be eligible for reimbursement. On the surface, this policy release appeared as a policy change because the payer had previously covered PET/CT MPI. 

ASNC, working with Sue Miller, COO of Molecular Imaging Services, Inc., succeeded in clarifying with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida that PET/CT MPI codes had been left out of the policy in error.

The policy, revised on June 9, 2022, now includes PET/CT MPI codes.