Record-breaker: JNC Breaks Through Traditional Impact Factor Ceiling for Specialty Journal

The Journal of Nuclear Cardiology (JNC) continues to reach new heights, most recently with the news that JNC achieved a 4.011 impact factor, according the latest Journal Citation Report. This achievement is remarkable “given that JNC deals with one modality of imaging in one system,” says JNC Editor-in-Chief Ami E. Iskandrian, MD, PhD, MASNC. Indeed, highly specialized journals rarely reach, let alone exceed, a 4.0 impact factor.
Combine the exceptional 4+ impact factor with JNC's trend line and there's a signal of more good things to come. This is the second consecutive year that JNC's impact factor has increased, up from 3.930 last year.

As background, the impact factor is the publishing industry's key metric, a means of ranking journals based on how often their recent publications are cited. In the highly competitive medical journal arena, the impact factor reveals how journals are advancing their field and garnering the attention of specialty researchers.
Dr. Iskandrian credits JNC's growth to his team—“the authors, reviewers, editors, administrators and publisher,” all of whom have their pulse on the needs and interests of the cardiovascular community.

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