ASNC Recognizes Promising Nuclear Cardiology Researchers at WFNMB Congress

The 12th Congress of World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology Conference (WFNMB) featured a strong nuclear cardiology track, including significant representation from ASNC. Held this spring in Melbourne, AUS.
the WFNMB brought the medical and scientific community together for, among other things, state-of-the-art lectures, read-with-the-experts sessions and debates on current controversies.
Nathan Better, MD, FASNC, and Joao Vitola, MD, PhD, MASNC, co-chaired the nuclear cardiology program, which included a new “Super Sunday” program, wherein 30 cardiology fellows, most of whom were not training in nuclear cardiology, attended sessions on integrating nuclear cardiology into routine clinical cardiovascular practice; computed tomography, MRI, and echocardiography; and heart failure, including sarcoid, amyloid, and viability assessment.
ASNC 2018 President Prem Soman, MD, PhD, FASNC, and ASNC2018 Program Chair Sharmila Dorbala, MD, FASNC, participated as ASNC representatives alongside many other ASNC members who also were WFNMB faculty. Among many activities, ASNC played a key role in encouraging nuclear cardiology researchers, particularly in the developing countries. As the sponsor of the WFNMB best poster for the developing world prize, ASNC recognized Pakistan's Dr. Sadaf Butt, who earned first prize for her abstract, “Role of Phase Analysis by Gated Myocardial Perfusion SPECT in Patient Selection and Site of Lead Placement in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy.” She received complimentary ASNC2018 registration and ASNC International Emerging Markets membership. As recipients of the second and third prizes, Drs. Henry Canizares and Nicole Hui, both of the Philippines, received complimentary ASNC International Emerging Markets membership.
ASNC thanks Professor Andrew Scott, Associate Professor Sze-Ting Le, and Fiona Scott for facilitating the WFNMB nuclear cardiology program and welcoming ASNC to the prestigious conference.