Share Your Best Practices! Enter ASNC's Choosing Wisely Challenge

ASNC's 2017 Choosing Wisely® Challenge finalist, guest blogger David Winchester, MD, FASNC, explains why you should enter our Choosing Wisely® Challenge. The deadline is June 17!
A couple of years ago, our nuclear cardiology lab noticed patterns of rarely appropriate tests being ordered across the care spectrum. 
The patterns appeared to differ between specialties, for example emergency docs ordered MPI for uncomplicated, low-risk syncope, primary care providers ordered tests in asymptomatic patients, and cardiologists ordered them for screening in post-PCI patients. The observation generated an idea, what if we had education about low value testing that was tailored to the specialty?

The program we developed, with specialty specific lectures and posters, was well received by our providers. Even better, rarely appropriate MPI were significantly reduced in the short term and persisted when we checked again a few months later. When the opportunity came up to present our results in the first ASNC Choosing Wisely® competition, we were honored to be selected as finalists.
Being part of the Choosing Wisely® competition has done a number of great things for our lab. Staff morale and commitment to improving care has continued to climb. Our facility leadership regularly points to our team as an example of grassroots quality improvement. The award for being a finalist has helped us initiate new QI programs as well as publish the results of our program.
If your facility, lab, or practice has been promoting initiatives aligned with Choosing Wisely®, you should definitely apply for the competition. Sharing and spreading best practices are key to building the high quality nuclear cardiology lab of tomorrow.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 17, 2019 at Midnight (EST)