ASNC2017 Sessions Livestreamed to 58 Countries

Last month, physicians from 58 developing countries accessed select ASNC2017 sessions as part of a livestreaming initiative supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
The livestreaming program was part of an ongoing collaborative effort between the IAEA and ASNC to deliver professional educational opportunities, advance clinical practice and improve patient care worldwide. 

The livestreamed sessions were enthusiastically received by physicians around the globe. “I would like to thank ASNC and the IAEA for such a great effort to provide the ASNC 2017 live stream for developing countries,” wrote a physician from Brazil. “The level of the classes and the speakers was just fantastic!”

The IAEA fosters partnerships to help countries tackle the growing challenge of noncommunicable diseases. ASNC was honored to contribute access to its highly regarded annual meeting programming and looks forward to additional joint partnerships. Coming soon: Interactive educational materials for the IAEA's Human Health Campus, an online resource visited annually by more than 5,000 health professionals.