ASNC Leaders Present on AUC at American Academy of Physician Assistants Conference

David G. Wolinsky, MD, MASNC, and David Winchester, MD, FASNC, were warmly welcomed at the 50th anniversary conference of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), held last month in Las Vegas. Their presentation, “Nuclear Cardiology Imaging in Clinical Practice,” drew a full house of more than 200 advanced practice providers (APPs), who gave the didactic case presentation high marks. 
“We could tell from the answers to the audience-response questions that this group has a good grasp of
the role of cardiac imaging in the management of stable ischemic heart disease but is hungry for information on clinical decision-making that incorporates the AUC and clinical decision support mechanisms,” says Dr. Wolinsky. “Many attendees came up after the session to ask additional questions.”
“As MACRA's value-based care programs, such as the episode payment models, are implemented, physician assistants and other APPs will be taking on more responsibility for ordering imaging studies,” he adds. “It's important that we share information about the AUC mandate and work together to ensure that every patient gets the right test at the right time.”
ASNC provided session participants with the recent Annals of Internal Medicine article, “Promoting Appropriate Use of Cardiac Imaging: No Longer an Academic Exercise” and the AUC Made Simple poster  authored by the ASNC/ACP Appropriate Use Steering Committee.
ASNC will be suggesting topics for AAPA's 2018 conference and welcomes your ideas.