Dr. Raymond Gibbons to Deliver Mario Verani Lecture at ASNC2016

Scientific rigor is essential in evaluating evidence from cardiac imaging studies and in the analysis of emerging therapies, says Raymond J. Gibbons, MD, professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, who will present the Mario Verani keynote lecture, “What Is the Evidence? A Call for Scientific Rigor,” at ASNC2016 in Boca Raton, Fla.
In his lecture, Dr. Gibbons will examine the following five crucial aspects of scientific rigor and detail how proper use of each optimizes patient care.   
  • Incremental analysis 
  • Patient reclassification 
  • Change in clinical action 
  • Quantification 
  • Appropriateness 
Dr. Gibbons will also highlight lessons learned from these concepts and the challenges that can follow when they are applied incorrectly. He will present suggestions for rigorous evaluation of new imaging modalities that draw on his decades of experience in cardiovascular research and guidelines development as well as his term as American Heart Association president. 

Dr. Gibbons“FDG PET for cardiac sarcoidosis and pyrophosphate imaging for TTR amyloidosis, for example—as well as other emerging technologies—have the potential to enhance patient care,” Dr. Gibbons says, “but the responsibility for evaluating these modalities and ensuring that they are applied wisely is ours.” 

Dr. Gibbons will deliver the Mario Verani Lecture on Friday, Sept. 23, during the Plenary Session moderated by ASNC2016 Program Chair Randall Thompson, MD, FASNC, and also featuring the annual President's Address by Brian G. Abbott, MD, FASNC, the President-Elect's address by Raymond R. Russell, III, MD, PhD, FASNC, and remarks by ASNC Chief Executive Officer Kathleen Flood.

“Scientific rigor never goes out of style, but achieving it has become increasingly complex as the healthcare landscape has evolved in different directions and with sometimes competing priorities,” Dr. Thompson says. “Dr. Gibbons' first-hand experience in clinical care, research and healthcare leadership makes him uniquely qualified to deliver a call for scientific rigor and a road map for success.” 

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