ADVOCACY UPDATE: ACMUI Announces Timeline for Rulemaking on Rb-82 Generators and Emerging Medical Technologies

At the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Advisory Council on the Medical Use of Isotopes (NRC ACMUI) meeting held last week, Medical Radiation Safety Team Leader Celimar Valentin-Rodriguez, PhD, shared details about the NRC's timeline for rulemaking related to Rb-82 generators and emerging medical technologies.
This presentation followed the NRC's 2023 request for stakeholder feedback on adding requirements for calibration and dosage measurement for strontium-82 and rubidium-82 generators and on establishing performance-based requirements for existing and future emerging medical technologies. In comments submitted to the NRC last year, ASNC agreed that radiation safety officers should have vendor-specific training on all generator systems that their labs are actively using.

According to the NRC, a proposed rule will be issued in winter 2026. The Commission is planning to release the final rule and implementation guidance in 2027.