#ASNC2020 Delivers Your Guide for Leveraging Social Media

Whether you are a seasoned social media user or you're still pondering Twitter's value equation, ASNC2020's "Leveraging Social Media for Patient Care" is a session you need to watch, rewatch, and share. 

Livestreamed yesterday and now available on demand, this complimentary session features –

Moderator Brett W. Sperry, MD (@BrettSperryMD), pushing the panel to answer tough questions, such as whether social media activity should be considered an academic metric and how to monitor your use of social media. 

Tanis Davis, cardiac sarcoidosis patient and administrator of a 9,000-patient network who came together through a private Facebook group. From Ms. Davis, you'll hear what patients are looking for when they turn to social media and how you could help fill the knowledge void.

Jordan Strom, MD (@DocStrom), explaining how #MedTwitter and #CardioTwitter are reinventing the case report paradigm. Dr. Strom delivers the concrete do's and do-not's you should understand to make social media work for you. 

Niti R. Aggarwal, MD, FASNC (@NitiCardio), demonstrating how to use Twitter to help your learning. The social media editor for the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology (@JNCJournal), Dr. Aggarwal reveals how to leverage social media to reduce the burden of staying current.   

Selma Mohammed, MD (@SelmaFMohammed), presenting a five-point plan for advancing your clinical practice across Twitter. Dr. Mohammed details how to gain meaningful career dividends from your investment in Twitter use.     

Amit R. Patel, MD (@AmitRPatelMD), analyzing what it takes to become an expert these days, particularly in the area of sarcoidosis imaging. Watch as Dr. Patel offers his strategy for avoiding the "rabbit holes" often associated with social media use. 

This session is one of a pair of complimentary ASNC2020 social media sessions. If you missed this session, you can view it OnDemand and then join us on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 4:00 PM (EDT) for "Steering Your Tweetanic: Basics and Advanced."