ASNC President Announces New Social Media Task Force

In her new President's Message, ASNC's Sharmila Dorbala, MD, MPH, FASNC, describes the democratizing effects of social media and how professional medical societies, including ASNC, have recognized “that we are now practicing healthcare in an environment where these new modes of communication have become central to our education, clinical practice, and research.”
Dr. Dorbala details how ASNC is leveraging digital technology and social media. She points to the dramatic uptick in social media impressions from the 2018 to the 2019 Scientific Sessions. Still, she says, thoughtful measures are needed to prevent “undesirable hazards” that could result in breaches of medicine's principles, such as patient privacy and confidentiality and the trust essential to the physician–patient relationship. 
To ensure ASNC strikes the necessary balance, the Board of Directors has created a social media task force. Leading the task force is Renée Bullock-Palmer, MD, FASNC, of the Deborah Heart & Lung Center, who championed the impactful social media ambassador work at ASNC2019.

“We all look forward to the task force recommendations for positive models for social media use, specifically in the field of nuclear cardiology and imaging,” wrote Dr. Dorbala. “Communication and learning are the sources of wisdom that improve our care and treatment of patients. We must bring our thoughtful, evaluating minds to technology as a messenger while we thoughtfully evaluate the messages it brings.”

For more information about ASNC's social media activities, contact or, better yet, reach us on Twitter @MyASNC.