Last Chance to Volunteer! 2020 Applications are due next Tuesday, Oct. 1

ASNC invites its members to volunteer for a committee! We know that you are busy, but we encourage you to make time to become involved with ASNC. ASNC volunteer opportunities bring together an exclusive group of leaders, from all levels, to explore the many facets of our unique society and to form member benefits.

Committee work is essential to ASNC and the chairs routinely report to the Executive Council and the Board of Directors. ASNC relies on its members to provide volunteer leadership and support for its programs, events, and services. In most cases, the time commitment consists of periodic conference calls and your input on topics as assigned. The term is three years, January 1-December 31 of the year after one is appointed. Committee members may serve up to two consecutive terms in addition to one term as committee Chair or Deputy/Vice Chair. Make the most out of your ASNC membership and volunteer today! Deadline for applications is Tuesday October 1, 2019.