Grab a Ringside Seat at ASNC2019-Where Debates Deliver Substance & Showmanship

Ready for a real debate, where the outcomes will actually impact your decision-making? Clinical decision-making, that is. ASNC2019 is teeing up showdowns that will put the hyped political debates to shame. 
"I love debates,” says ASNC2019 Program Chair Panithaya Chareonthaitawee, MD. “They're entertaining while revealing the whole story behind topics that don't have obvious or universal answers. And, for ASNC2019, we've carefully selected the debaters to guarantee some tense moments—it's going to be fun.” 
The gloves will come off in two ASNC2019 sessions featuring topics that have the cardiovascular community eager for answers. First up, “Clash of the Photons,” where debaters will tackle questions about the role of cardiac PET. Venkatesh L. Murthy, MD, PhD, FASNC, and Terrence Ruddy, MD, FASNC, will battle over whether PET should replace SPECT. Next, K. Lance Gould, MD, will challenge Todd D. Miller, MD, MASNC, on whether PET MFR should be reported. And in the session's final round, Amit R. Patel, MD, will take on Edward J. Miller, MD, PhD, FASNC, on the hotly contested question of where to start with cardiac sarcoidosis imaging — with PET or MRI. 
You'll be the referee in ASNC2019's second debate session, where debaters will go head to head on controversial questions and complex cases. Amping up the anticipation in “SoMe Session with the Giants: Controversies with Lifestyle Medicine and Preventive Cardiology” will be live Twitter polling and discussion. You'll decide the winners and gather new insights into dilemmas you tackle in daily practice and the questions your patients often ask. 
Think you know who will win these debates? We guarantee none of our debaters are going down easily. Join the fun Sept. 12-15 in Chicago. And be sure to use the ASNC2019 Interactive Program Planner to add these sessions to your personalized agenda. 
Act fast—ASNC2019's discounted room block at the Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile is filling up fast.