Mark April 12 on Your Calendar: ASNC to Host Case-based Program on Cardiac Amyloidosis

&‹In response to feedback from ASNC.2018 attendees, ASNC will host a series of educational programs designed to advance clinicians' understanding of cardiac amyloidosis, including how to diagnose and manage the condition
Long considered to be rare and generally untreatable, cardiac amyloidosis is being reconsidered as research reveals the potential to diagnose it with technetium-99m PYP imaging and as new medications with potential to retard or even reverse amyloid deposits are evaluated in clinical trials.
Whether you are a primary care or general cardiologist, a nuclear cardiologist or a nuclear medicine specialist, you soon will need a working knowledge of --
  • cardiac amyloidosis disease progression and its symptoms;
  • when to order Tc-99m PYP imaging and other imaging studies for risk assessment and diagnosis;
  • how to interpret results and explain them to patients; and
  • developing a patient-centered management course.
ASNC will deliver on all of these needs—and many more—at the brand-new “Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Practical Overview” program. The half-day course will be offered in Tampa, Fla., on Friday, April 12, immediately before the ASNC's highly regarded “Nuclear Cardiology Today: Optimizing the Value of Contemporary Nuclear Cardiology.”
When you attend both “Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Practical Overview,” and “NC Today 2019,” you'll get answers to your questions about cardiac amyloidosis and zero in on the real-world clinical, technical and practical issues that nuclear cardiology teams tackle every day. 
Registration for both programs will open soon. Stay tuned for details.