UPDATE: Information Regarding Aminophylline Shortage

ASNC previously informed its members of a confirmed shortage of the drug Aminophylline. The supply shortage exists due to manufacturing issues experienced by Pfizer.
ASNC has just been informed the supply shortage may continue through September 2018. When facing past shortfalls of aminophylline, such as in 2010, clinicians have substituted aminophylline with intravenous theophylline or intravenous caffeine citrate.

Use of intravenous theophylline was discussed in this Journal of Nuclear Cardiology letter by Nils P. Johnson, MD and K. Lance Gould, MD. The use of intravenous caffeine citrate was discussed in a Journal of Nuclear Cardiology paper by Dr, Jesse A. Doran, MD, Ronald G. Schwartz, MD and colleagues. 

ASNC's leadership reminds members that IV caffeine and oral caffeinated beverages can be used to treat less severe side effects related to vasodilator stress agents as well.