ASNC's Statement on U.S. Travel Ban

The mission of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology is to better the care and health of our patients through image-guided management.  A fundamental cornerstone of providing that care is education, which must be built upon a commitment to inclusion and unhindered exchange of knowledge.
ASNC is paying close attention to current events surrounding the recent Executive Order and the uncertainty surrounding the ability of our colleagues and trainees to come to the United States for educational opportunities.  While the safety of those in America, including US citizens, permanent residents and international visitors, is important, it is also essential that we do all we can to enhance the care of patients by supporting the education of those privileged to care for them. The staff and physician leadership of ASNC are committed to helping our colleagues gain access to those opportunities.  ASNC provides letters supporting visas for those attending our meetings.  Furthermore, staff at ASNC are available to answer any questions about travel for our international members to the best of our ability.
We will advise our members of any changes in US policy that might affect their ability to travel to the United States.
Raymond Russell, MD, PhD, FASNC
President, The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology