Dr. Barry L. Zaret Tribute

In Memoriam

Barry L. Zaret, MD, MASNC


On October 20, 2022, Barry L. Zaret, MD, MASNC, passed away.
Dr. Zaret’s research led to the establishment of noninvasive nuclear cardiology. He was a founding member of ASNC and the founding editor of the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology (JNC).
We have created this tribute to honor him.

His obituary may be found here.

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Special Remembrance of Barry L. Zaret, MD, MASNC
December 15, 2022

Interview with Barry L. Zaret, MD, MASNC

Prem Soman, MD, MASNC, sat down with Barry L. Zaret, MD, MASNC, in 2018 at his home in Connecticut to discuss his life and legacy.

Dedicated to the Memory of Barry L. Zaret, MD, MASNC.

Dr. Zaret's Legacy

His Work
These photos are from Dr. Zaret's presentation to ASNC's Future Leaders of Nuclear Cardiology session in November 2020.

Dr. Zaret's Legacy

His Poetry and Art

Nuclear Images

My life, a montage of images-
In the lab, nuclear images-
heart scans
Showing blood supply
after isotope injected.
First done when young,
career beginning,
initial success.
Now every day practice.
Many patients studied,
all awaiting answers-
some anxious,
some resigned,
some seeming not to care.
Images read,
reports written,
work done.

All the while
knowing little
of those imaged-
their families,
their life’s poetry.
Will the answers sought
new treatment,
concern, alarm,
fear or relief?

Days follow days,
pixels follow pixels
images follow images,
schedules filled and refilled.
Patients return to changed lives.
Unaltered readers remain in offices,
viewing more images in two dimensions,
unaware of the humanity
behind each study,
quenching thirst
from half-filled glasses.
Nuclear images, my profession-
Nuclear patients, my soul.
Barry L. Zaret, MD, MASNC
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