2023 ASNC Quality Improvement Challenge

Broaden Your Horizons and Help Move the Field Forward

Reflecting on our Society’s ongoing goal of supporting members’ efforts to enhance the quality of imaging in their nuclear labs, ASNC announces the 2023 Quality Improvement (QI) Challenge.

2023 Winners of the QI Challenge


The QI Challenge is inspired by the Quality Metrics for Single-photon Emission Computed Tomography Myocardial Perfusion Imaging: An ASNC Information Statement.


Must be an active ASNC member at any membership level and engaged in quality improvement. The new procedure/quality metric should be introduced and started before May 31, 2023.

Fields for submission:


Applications are closed.

Disposition Notices

Released by September 1, 2023


A special task force will be established to review the submitted initiatives. Grading of submissions will be based on the description of prior state (volume, protocols, any assessment of issues with false-positives, high radiation, nondiagnostic studies), the structure and scope of intervention and the impact of intervention (how many patients, impact on radiation, time, false-positives, nondiagnostic rate, etc.)


  • Winner(s) recognized at the ASNC2023 plenary ceremony.
  • Winners' practice/department receives “Lunch on ASNC.”
  • Winning project(s) highlighted in ASNC Flashpoint newsletter.
  • Winner(s) invited to present proposal at ASNC Annual Scientific Session and Exhibition.