ASNC's Learner Bill of Rights

The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) recognizes that you are a life-long learner who has chosen to engage in continuing medical education to identify or fill a gap in knowledge, skill, or performance. As part of the Society's duty to you as a learner, you have the right to expect that your continuing medical education experience with ASNC will include:

  • Content that:
    • Promotes improvements or quality in healthcare;
    • Is valid, reliable, and accurate;
    • Offers balanced presentations that are free of commercial bias for or against a product/service;
    • Is vetted through a process that resolves any conflicts of interests of planners, teachers, or authors;
    • Is driven and based on learning needs, not commercial interests;
    • Addresses the stated objectives or purpose; and
    • Is evaluated for its effectiveness in meeting the identified educational need.
  • A learning environment that:
    • Supports learners' ability to meet their individual needs;
    • Respects and attends to any special needs of the learners;
    • Respects the diversity of groups of learners; and
    • Is free of promotional, commercial, and/or sales activities.
  • Disclosure of:
    • Relevant financial relationships planners, teachers, and authors have with commercial interests related to the content of the activity; and
    • Commercial support (funding or in-kind resources of the activity).
Participants are asked to evaluate the objectivity of each presentation, and to identify any perceived commercial bias.

For questions or comments related to ASNC's continuing medical education programs and products, please contact us at