ImageGuide Performance Measures


Performance Measures:
Practices/hospitals participating in the registry will receive performance calculations for all ImageGuide performance measures. Performance will be provided at the practice/hospital level, office location level, and for each individual participating physician.  

2018 ImageGuide Performance Measures 

2017 ImageGuide Performance Measures 
Non-MIPS Measure Number Performance Measure Title Modality Measure Type
ASNC 1 Cardiac Stress Nuclear Imaging Not Meeting Appropriate Use Criteria: Preoperative Evaluation in Low Risk Surgery Patients SPECT, PET High-Priority
ASNC 2 Cardiac Stress Nuclear Imaging Not Meeting Appropriate Use Criteria: Routine Testing After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) SPECT, PET High-Priority
ASNC 3 Cardiac Stress Nuclear Imaging Not Meeting Appropriate Use Criteria: Testing in Asymptomatic, Low-Risk Patients SPECT, PET High-Priority
ASNC 4 Utilization of Standardized Nomenclature and Reporting for SPECT and PET MPI Studies SPECT, PET High-Priority
ASNC 13 SPECT-MPI Studies Meeting Appropriate Use Criteria  SPECT High-Priority
ASNC 14 PET-MPI Studies Meeting Appropriate Use Criteria PET High-Priority
ASNC 17 SPECT-MPI Studies Not Equivocal SPECT High-Priority
ASNC 18 PET-MPI Studies Not Equivocal PET High-Priority
ASNC 19 Imaging Protocols for SPECT and PET MPI Studies - Use of Stress-only Protocol SPECT, PET High-Priority, Outcome
ASNC 20 SPECT-MPI Studies Performed Without the use of Thallium SPECT High-Priority, Outcome
ASNC 21 SPECT-MPI Study Appropriate Imaging Protocol Selection for Morbidly Obese Patients SPECT High-Priority, Outcome
ASNC 22 SPECT- and PET-MPI Studies Reporting Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction SPECT, PET -
ASNC 23 SPECT-MPI Study Clinical Utilization of Attenuation Correction Image Acquisition SPECT -
ASNC 24 SPECT-MPI Study Utilization of Exercise as a Stressor SPECT High-Priority
ASNC 25 SPECT-MPI Adequate Exercise Testing Performed SPECT -

CMS Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS):
Physicians are required to report at least six measures for 50% of the imaging studies.  Of the six measures, at least one must be an outcome measure.  IMPORTANT: Performance rates of 0% for normal measures and 100% for inverse measures will not count towards the six measure minimum. For the 2017 reporting year, it is possible to avoid the 4% negative payment adjustment by reporting a minimal amount of data through Pick Your Pace.

Data on studies performance in 2017 must be submitted within the “call for data period” between the start date of 1/1/2017 and end date of 1/31/2018. Failure to submit data within the “call for data period” will result in the exclusion of data from the MIPS program.

2017 Performance Measure Specifications 

As the registry matures, additional performance measures will be added and will be made available to all registry participants. These measures will include other opportunities for nuclear imaging quality improvement, such as:
  • Camera age
  • Radiopharmaceutical dosing based on geographic location, sex and race
  • Uninterpretable imaging studies