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ImageGuide Registry Overview
Nuclear cardiologists are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality nuclear cardiac imaging to their patients. The ImageGuide Registry®
provides the ability to assess performance and develop the tools necessary to transform nuclear cardiology labs in the areas of patient safety and quality improvement.


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"The ImageGuide Registry comprehensively addresses the entire imaging process from indications and appropriateness, type of study performed and radiation dosimetry, to reporting results and compliance with major quality indicators.”
--Peter L. Tilkemeier, MD, Chair of the Registry Oversight Committee

ImageGuide Advances Nuclear Cardiology

The ImageGuide Registry® provides the operational framework to support a community of practices committed to continuous patient-centered imaging, practice transformation, and innovation through ongoing data collection and quality improvement. The ImageGuide Registry provides data-related tools and resources, including the strategic development of educational, quality, and patient safety programs. Participants can measure and benchmark performance to achieve quality improvement at the provider and laboratory level, ultimately driving broader adherence to best practices.  

As the first national registry for non-invasive cardiac imaging, the ImageGuide Registry® helps providers:
  • Improve laboratory efficiency and performance
  • Improve patient care
  • Optimize patient radiation exposure
  • Minimize downstream costs
  • Demonstrate the value of nuclear cardiology
  • Inform health policy and reimbursement advocacy
  • Foster community amongst nuclear cardiology professionals

Participation Benefits

  • Gain access to benchmark reports and standardized performance data
  • Enhance patient care and improve lab efficiency
  • Successfully participate in regulatory programs and avoid negative payment adjustments on Medicare Part B services
  • Report on nuclear cardiology-specific performance measures under PQRS/MIPS
  • Demonstrate appropriate use of nuclear imaging tests to payers
Stay ahead of PQRS/MIPS penalties!

Penalties Based on $500k

ImageGuide: A Recognized QCDR 
CMS has recognized ASNC’s ImageGuide Registry® as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for 2017 and in the previous two years.  The designation as a QCDR allows physicians to meet reporting requirements under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and it allows ASNC to develop its own performance measures that capture a greater level of granularity and are more meaningful to the profession than traditional PQRS measures.

ImageGuide Informational Resources

Archived Webinars: 

Success in Quality Payment Series
Part 1: MACRA Program Overview
Part 2: Making MIPS Work
Part 3: Fulfill MIPS Requirements with ASNCs ImageGuide Registry

View the Live Demonstration of the ImageGuide Registry Data Portal:
What is it? Why should I participate? How do I participate?
Faculty: Peter L. Tilkemeier, MD, MMM, Chair, Registry Oversight Committee, Kathy Flood, ASNC CEO, Daniel Lattoz, ASNC, Tim Parr, FIGmd


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For more information about the Registry, please see the following resources from the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology:

Corporate Support
ASNC would like to recognize and thank the following organizations for their support of the ImageGuide Registry:
• Gold Level: Astellas Pharma US, Inc.
• Silver Level: Bracco Diagnostics
To learn more about ImageGuide Registry Corporate Support levels, please contact ASNC CEO, Kathy Flood, at or call 301-215-7575.
If you have any questions about the ImageGuide Registry, need assistance with registration, or would like a consultation on which data submission method is best suited for your institution, please email or call Joe Reyes at 301-215-7575 ext. 208.