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We have curated these offerings for your clinical care teams. 

Cardiac PET Bundle

Available May 1, 2023


1. Cardiac PET Curriculum
18.25 CME Credits

A series of 26 modules addressing the fundamentals of PET imaging, hardware, and software associated with PET scanners, clinical applications with case-based scenarios, and detailed protocols for use. The Cardiac PET Curriculum is a must-have for anyone looking to start a PET lab or those who have an active PET lab and need to expand their cardiac PET training.

2. NCKSAP: PET MPI, 1st Edition
10 CME/MOC Credits

A total of 30 multiple-choice questions with answer rationale and references designed to help you assess your knowledge in PET myocardial perfusion imaging.

Also available for your teams:

1. Hybrid Imaging (CT-AC Findings) Poster
2. Cardiac Amyloidosis Flowchart/AUC Poster

ASNC has developed Cardiac Amyloidosis OnDemand, a 3-module CME accredited program so you can learn the A-Z's of cardiac amyloidosis to diagnose and treat patients in today's multimodality imaging environment.

Each module contains two video presentations from leading experts discussing the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with cardiac amyloidosis. E
arn up to 2.25 CME credits. 

Free for members!

NCKSAP: Cardiac Amyloidosis, 1st Edition
Offers 10 CME/MOC CreditsMOC
Expires February 28, 2026




The Nuclear Cardiology Core Curriculum is led by 18 experts in the field who will help you expand your nuclear cardiology fundamentals through a series of 8 courses featuring 18 presentations with case-based questions.

Gain the nuclear cardiology knowledge you need to expand your practice and take the next step in your career!

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Join us June 2-4 for the new, virtual Masterclass in Cardiac Amyloidosis: Disease Spectrum, Diagnosis and Management. 

The program will feature in-depth sessions led by expert cardiologists, multimodality imagers, hematologists, and neurologists to discuss the disease spectrum, diagnosis, and management of cardiac amyloidosis.

Registration is complimentary!