Cardiac Amyloidosis in Latin America: Current Situation and Perspectives

Join us for the Cardiac Amyloidosis in Latin America: Current Situation and Perspectives complimentary webinar to be conducted in Spanish (with slides in English) on Saturday, May 7 at 10:30 am (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) / 8:30 am CDT (Mexico) / 9:30 am EDT (Boston, USA).
Experts will provide the fundamental concepts allowing healthcare providers to accelerate disease awareness, timely testing, and initiation of targeted transthyretin (ATTR) amyloidosis therapies. The webinar will also provide insights to support and expand the development of amyloidosis programs within Latin America.

Participants will receive a lesson book providing important resources to support this effort and a program evaluation to identify ongoing educational needs. 

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Pfizer, Inc.

Featured Topics:

  • AMILO LATAM Group Survey Results
  • Epidemiology of Cardiac Amyloidosis in Latin America: Opportunities to Improve Diagnosis
  • Role of Nuclear Cardiology in Cardiac Amyloidosis Diagnosis – What is Possible in Latin America
  • Cardiac Amyloidosis Diagnosis Flowchart – Integration of Methods

Program Organizers

Cardiac Amyloidosis in Latin America is being organized by the Latin American Project on Cardiac Amyloidosis (AMILO LATAM) as part of the Reaching Across Latin America educational initiative designed to address ongoing knowledge, competence, and performance among HCPs across twenty countries in Latin America to enhance their skills for diagnosing and managing patients with transthyretin (ATTR) amyloidosis with the goal of improving long-term patients outcomes.

Steering Committee Members Include:  Gabriel Grossman, MD, PhD, FASNC - Brazil Jorge Camilletti, MD - Argentina Isabel Carvajal, MD - Mexico Juan Erriest, MD - Argentina Fernando Mut, MD, FASNC - Uruguay Erick Alexanderson Rosas, MD - Mexico


Gabriel Grossman, MD, PhD, FASNC Hospital Moinhos de Vento, Brazil

Fernando Mut, MD, FASNC Hospital Italiano, Uruguay


Isabel Carvajal, MD
Instituto Nacional de Cardiología - Ignacio Chávez, Mexico

Marcelo Di Carli, MD, MASNC
Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA

Juan Erriest, MD
Hospital Italiano La Plata, Argentina

Amalia Peix, MD, PhD, FASNC
Instituto de Cardiología y Cirugía Cardiovascular, Cuba