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ASNC University is the new home for Fellows-in-Training education. 

Learn about how these highly-valued programs can supplement your training curriculum by providing the fundamentals of nuclear cardiology and cardiac PET along with the ASNC/SNMMI 80 Hour Radionuclide Authorized User Training Course.


The Nuclear Cardiology Core Curriculum is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of Cardiology Fellowship programs. NC Core Curriculum covers the fundamentals of nuclear cardiology through OnDemand, self-study lectures and case-based questions. ASNC has done the work for you by compiling up-to-date content from experts to support your curriculum development.

NC Core Curriculum provides a thorough foundation in Nuclear Cardiology based on the latest information and techniques essential for every cardiovascular training program.

This course allows you to invite world-renowned faculty to supplement your nuclear cardiology training.

NC Core Curriculum is included free of charge for training programs


The Cardiac PET Curriculum is your gateway to expert cardiac PET training. This program is designed to improve your fellows' knowledge and understanding of cardiovascular PET imaging through a series of 26 modules addressing the fundamentals of Cardiac PET education and training, hardware and software associated with PET scanners, clinical applications with case-based scenarios, and detailed protocols for use.

Cardiac PET Curriculum is a must-have for any program that currently does not offer cardiac PET training as part of its curriculum or any program that is looking for ways to improve its offerings.

Choose to add-on the Cardiac PET Curriculum to the NC Core Curriculum base plan. 

Pricing is tailored to training program size.

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The goal of the ASNC/SNMMI 80 Hour Radionuclide Authorized User Training Course is to train physicians who wish to become Authorized Users on the broad knowledge base necessary to meet the requirements of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission/Agreement States, to establish a quality-focused safety culture that benefits patients and to be able to effectively and safely diagnose and risk stratify patients in imaging and localization studies.

The 80 Hour Course is designed to meet the requirements of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Agreement States on the didactic portion of the Training and Experience Requirements (US NRC 10 CFR 35.290).

The 80 Hour Radionuclide Authorized User Training Course is available as an add-on to the NC Core Curriculum base plan. 

Special pricing is offered for training programs purchasing for their fellows.

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NC Core Curriculum is included free of charge.

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STEP 3: Cardiac PET Curriculum
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STEP 4: 80 Hour Course
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Additional Trainee Education

2024 Board Exam Prep Course 

Whether you're preparing for the 2024 CBNC Nuclear Cardiology Board Exams or just want to stay current on board-focused updates in nuclear cardiology, the 
ASNC Nuclear Cardiology Board Exam Prep Course is for you.